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Use the interactive chart below to explore possible coalitions for the United Kingdom's June 2017 general election.

Drag political parties from the gray box on the right to the totaliser on the left to the build a coalition. Add a sufficent number of MPs to give the coalition a majority of MPs in the House of Commons so they can form a government.

Load different predictions for the number of seats each party will win using the dropdown below.

The number of seats in each party can be adjusted by clicking on the corresponding bar in the chart and using the buttons under 'Edit Results'.

This webpage will be updated with the actual election results shortly after they are announced.

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How is the required majority calculated?

There are 650 seats in the house of commons. A majority is one seat more than half of this number: 326 seats.

Sinn Féin typically gain 5 seats (7 in 2017) but do not take them and therefore do not vote. We can therefore consider only 323 seats (more than half of 650 - 5 seats) to be required for a majority.

The speaker and his deputies also do not normally vote so the effective majority may be even less. The speaker gives up his party affiliation and only votes in tie breaks (and then according to a convention). The current speaker is a former conservative and has 1 deputy from the Conservatives and 2 from Labour (ref.).

As typically a majority is referred to as more than 323 or 326 seats and as its not obvious how to account for the speakers no adjustment is made here. Suggestions are welcome.

Which parties are included?

For each source I have included all the parties for which a prediction was made. Any remaining seats are allocated as 'other'. Where a party is not shown it is because it a prediction was not made for it by the selected source.

Only Election Forecast provide predictions for the SDLP and DUP. As their possible inclusion in a coalition is a potentially important factor in 2015 the default prediction is now Election Forecast.

For the 2010 general election result all parties are shown plus the one independent (Sylvia Hermon). The speaker is not included.